Architectural Request Information:

Architectural Requests are handled on a case by case basis. Each Request is reviewed by the HOA Architectural Committee and Management Company. Per the HOA covenants, the committee has 30 days to approve or decline a request. If you receive no response within 30 days, your request is considered declined. If your request requires urgency, please be sure to email the HOA Board of Directors informing them of your circumstance and they will try to expedite your request.

*All architectural requests must go to Your HOA Community Management Company. Do not send them directly to a board member. Please download the “Architectural Request” form and mail it to Your HOA at least one month prior to your project start time.

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Governing Documents:

Articles of Incorporation


Golf Cart Community Letter

Pool Rules:

Pool Rules

Current Members of the Board:

The Deer Path Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is controlled by a Board of Directors whose members are elected at official HOA meetings. During the Annual Meeting, the following homeowners were elected to volunteer and serve one-year terms.

Dale Wayman (President)
Jessie Reed (Vice President)
Kelley Smith (Treasurer)
Maxx Flavin (Secretary)

Our Management Company:

The Board of Directors has selected Your HOA Community Management as the HOA property management company. Please direct all questions, comments, and inquiries to the following address:

Deer Path, HOA

1547 N State Street #210

Greenfield, IN 46140

Phone: (317) 682-0571
Fax: (317) 467-0465

“Your homeowner association management company is not simply a service provider but is often the face of your community and the voice of its residents. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff bring together their collective experience to enhance and strengthen your community”

– Timothy Plunkett CEO of Your HOA Community Management, Inc.

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